Non Childcare Staff Performance Review


    Non Childcare Staff

  • Employee Information

  • After communicating the performance review to employee, please complete the following and forward to the Operations Manager.
  • Approvals

  • My signature indicates that I have read and discussed this evaluation with my manager. It does not indicate agreement or disagreement with the evaluation.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY

  • My signature indicates I have written this evaluation and
     Includes next year’s written goals for my employee.
     Does not include next year’s written goals for my employee.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY

  • My signature indicates I have read and approved of this performance review.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY

  • Performance Ratings

    5 Excellent4 Good3 Satisfactory2 Fair1 Poor
    Clearly OutstandingAbove ExpectationsMeets ExpectationsNeeds ImprovementPoor performance
  • Quality of Work – Consider the accuracy, thoroughness, and presentation of work performed

    Productivity – Look at whether the employee routinely meets established deadlines and produces satisfactory work

    Communication Skills- Is an effective communicator, communicates with the supervisor is a timely manner, is assertive not aggressive and resolves conflict appropriately.

    Ethics/Professionalism- Is professional in interacting with internal and external stakeholders; able to incorporate constructive feedback, sets appropriate boundaries.

    Interpersonal Skills – Consider how well the employee works with others, resolves problems, and assists others

    Dependability – Look at the employee’s consistency in producing quality work. Also, note the employee’s attendance record

    Initiative – Consider the employee’s willingness to seek out additional responsibilities

    Leadership – Consider the employee’s ability to lead by example, find realistic solutions, bring out the best in his or her peers

    Job Knowledge – Look the extent to which the employee applies his/her knowledge of workplace technologies, methods, and skills

    Sprit of GNBYS – Teamwork, going beyond one’s job description

    Overall Evaluation – Select the one rating which best describes the employee’s performance throughout the review period.

    5 - Clearly Outstanding
    4 - Above Expectations
    3 - Meets Expectations
    2 - Needs Improvement
    1 - Poor Performance